Facebook unveils two new features in Watch

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Facebook has officially rolled out Topics in Watch and added a new ‘Highlights’ section to prioritise popular clips. The move comes as Facebook Watch continues to grow in popularity with 1.25 billion people – almost 50% of Facebook’s monthly active user base – now consuming content via Watch every month.

What are Topics?

Whether you’re into cooking or hip hop, Facebook has made finding Watch videos that are interesting, easier than ever. Essentially, Topics let you curate the videos that show up in your feed via hashtags, for example, within animals, you could follow #EndangeredSpecies or #GoldenRetrievers. Within Travel & Leisure, you could follow #TravelOceania or #WinterActivities.”

Facebook Topics in Watch
Image: Facebook Topics in Watch

What are Highlights?

In addition to this, Facebook’s also added new Highlight sections to showcase the most popular videos and moments on the platform.

Highlights in Watch
Image: Highlights in Watch

Facebook said:

In the US and select markets, you’ll find What’s Happening and Featured sections in Watch. Videos in these sections are chosen by Facebook so you can catch up on timely and relevant moments, like the Television Academy’s annual Emmy Awards, MLB World Series highlights, Vote-A-Thon 2020, LatinX and Hispanic Heritage Month and the latest music videos from your favorite artists.

Highlights are poised to be a great way to keep users glued to Watch by presenting them with an evolving feed of key moments and clips to capture their interest.

In addition to its two new features, Facebook said also adding highlights of popular clips on the platform:

…like ‘Most Haha’d This Week’ and ‘Most Loved This Week’ so you can see the videos that other people are engaging with in Watch.

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