Is the creative industry really out-of-touch?

Written by YogurtTop

According to recent research, the creative industry is “out of step” with the values and priorities of the ‘modern mainstream’ – the middle 50% of people by household income.

Well, to be frank, we knew that already.

There’s definitely too much reliance on intuition, which has resulted in consumers being battered by content that’s been created for audiences that simply don’t exist.

In spite of the industry’s disconnect, it’s always been our mission to zig where others zag, to eat big fish and blow sh*t up (not literally). Instead of slapping a label on a market, we take the time to understand people – to really get to know them.

It’s a proven recipe for success…yes, it’s not straight forward, but the results speak for themselves!

After all, isn’t it time we (as an industry) stop talking amongst ourselves, see people and put them first?

We’ve listened to consumers as well as businesses and brands and to bridge the divide, we’ve combined our digital marketing agency, with our sister company – geo-local media publishing group, The Viral Group and leading consumer psychologist, Phillip Adcock, to bring to market a power-house of creativity, understanding and distribution.

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