Why should your business be collaborating with influencers?

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So many brands and businesses are yet to discover the advantages of working with nano-influencers, but those who already have, well, they’re reaping the rewards. 

Most people think that a big number of followers = bigger influence.


A shout out from a nano-influencer can actually have a much larger impact than one who has thousands of followers.

Surprised? Don’t believe what we’re telling you? Read on…

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Posted by Will Mellor on Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Let’s start by understanding the term nano-influencer

Nano-influencers — are people who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. Their accounts are neither glitzy nor refined, instead, they give the perception of being the guy or gal next door.

Lots of big brands understand the value of the nano-influencer and actively incorporate them into their marketing strategy. Among them are Dove, Dyson, and IKEA.

So, let’s get to it – why should you consider working with nano-influencers

There are so many benefits to working with this group of content creators but for now, let’s focus on the top six.

1. They’re closer to their audience

FACT: Nano-influencers have a stronger connection with their audience as they generally spend more time engaging in one-on-one communication than big influencers.

Nano-influencers are also more likely to reply to almost every comment and not just with a catchphrase – they offer meaningful answers or ask questions in return to make sure they get to know their followers better.

By getting to know their audience they truly understand their most loyal followers and love engaging with them. As a result, small influencers generally benefit from higher engagement rates and more trust from their following.

2. Their engagement rate is higher

According to recent research, the engagement rate of nano-influencers is twice as high as that of other groups of influencers.

Why’s that important? Well, engagement rate has a big effect on reach – the higher the engagement rate, the more an influencer’s followers will see a sponsored post, which means that they have larger reachability, thus the cost per impression and engagement is much lower.


3. People trust small influencers

Nano-influencers are almost considered friends by their followers and that’s important because if a decision requires a small(ish) investment of money, time, or effort we tend to trust our friends’ recommendations/opinions.

A word of warning though; these content creators are usually very careful about who they work with because they fear disappointing their audience and losing their trust.

But, as long as your values are the same and your product/service offers an influencer’s audience value then you’ll reap the rewards of collaboration.

4. Out-smart the competition

As we said previously, many brands and businesses underestimate the authority of an influencer with a small audience, so use that to use your advantage. Explore nano-influencers relevant to your product or service, roll the dice, collaborate and gain a real edge over your competition.

These un-tapped group of creators offer a real opportunity for you to grow an army of ambassadors for your brand. You never know, in a few months they could become your loyal micro-influencers, and then grow to become micro-influencers within a few years.

6. Nano-influencers are budget-friendly

According to recent research, only 44% of small influencers request monetary compensation when working with a brand or business. In fact, they’re usually happy to talk about brands and business in exchange for products or services.

So, if you’re a start-up, or you’re struggling to ring-fence budgets for marketing this year due to the pandemic, nano-influencers could offer the perfect solution for you to scale your presence in the market on a limited budget.

7. Scale and reach

Only 0.3% of influencers have more than 1 million followers and just 6% of creators have between 100,000 and 1 million followers, which means that if you choose to collaborate only with big influencers, you can’t infinitely scale your reach. Only with micro and nano-influencers, can you scale up content.

As well as being able to scale your reach, you can segment the market and personalise your campaigns better with smaller influencers – important when you’re short on time and budget.

It’s also a risk-averse strategy. By dividing an audience based on key characteristics and personalising your strategy based on that information, there’s more chance of success than if you were to create a generic influencer marketing campaign and try to implement it across all influencers.

To conclude…

As the era of followers = currency fades away, innovative influencer marketing specialists (like us) are looking for creators who have a different approach and are trusted by their audience to help brands and businesses grow and thrive.

Nano-influencers are without a doubt the future of influencer marketing. They offer an effective and efficient way to increase your brand awareness and build a loyal community

Are you a brand or business that’s convinced, but not sure where to start? Get in touch.

If you’re a nano-influencer who’s looking to collab, we’d love to hear from you too.

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