Two men, one mission; to make social, more social.

Written by YogurtTop

In the wake of recent events, social media has once again been subject to public scrutiny. But two men are on a mission to make social, more social.

Over the years social media platforms have grown and evolved to become entities that consume much of our daily lives.  Our feeds are overwhelmed with content from pages and organisations clambering to capture our attention online. Much of it is mediocre, dull or worse, disturbing. Something entrepreneur Matt Flint and his business partner Will Mellor understand more than most.

Matt Flint’s marketing agency has helped brands and businesses harness the power of social media since it became a platform to market on. He’s seen social at its best, and at its worst, as has actor Will Mellor, who’s been subjected to phone hacking, trolling and media intrusion throughout his career. That’s one of the reasons why the pair have teamed up to create The Viral Group; a hub of insight-led, community focused viral brands across some of the UK’s most loved cities, which aim to bring communities together with nostalgic, funny, relatable and exclusive content.

Matt Flint said, “I founded The Viral Group because I saw that there was a need for a platform that truly resonates with people. A place where communities come together and find common ground. I was tired of seeing the same clickbait content, polarising articles and disturbing conversations on my feeds. So, with all that in mind, I set out to shake things up. With the help of Will and my team at Yogurt Top Marketing, The Viral Group is on course to rival the biggest pages in the country by the end of the year.”

The Viral Group’s most recent campaign, ‘where there’s a Will’, has been extremely successful. The first in a series of ‘where there’s a Will’, was aired on Plymouth Viral on Valentine’s day and has reached over 500,000 people on Facebook so far. That figure might seem like relatively small change but when you look at the video’s length (18 mins) and consider that 118,000 people have watched the video in full (research by Hootsuite suggests that the average Facebook user clicks off a video after 10 seconds), The Viral Group’s latest campaign has well and truly upset the status quo.

Will Mellor said, “Over the years I have seen the dark side of social media, but I have also seen it do amazing things from re-uniting lost toys to raising funds for the worthiest causes. I love social media and I know it has the power to continue to make the world a better place. That’s why Matt and I are driving The Viral Group forward together. I want our geo-local community pages to bring out the best in the people, bridge racial divides, bring local people together to laugh, to cry, to celebrate.”

“I travel a lot and over the years I have seen the fabric that holds our communities together be torn apart for a wide range of reasons, but I know that social platforms such as Plymouth Viral, Liverpool Viral and Brumming Viral, have the ability to bring local people together and build wholesome online communities.”

The Viral Group has 14 geo-local pages with active members across the UK.

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