SME’s need to up their comms game!

Written by YogurtTop

We’ve been banging the drum about the need for SME’s to effectively communicate to their staff, suppliers, customers and stakeholders since the coronavirus outbreak began back in February, but some businesses aren’t doing enough! 

We understand that in these unprecedented times many SME’s don’t have the council they need to help them through the choppy waters ahead, so we’re doing all we can here at Yogurt Top Marketing, to reach out and offer our expertise. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. It’s vital that you continue to effectively communicate with all of your key stakeholders. 

Stand out comms will reassure your staff, suppliers, customers and stake holders that your business is surviving. Equally, if your business has ground to a halt because of coronavirus and government restrictions, you should consider communicating an honest and clear message to those who need it the most. 

Make sure that your messaging is transparent and clear and is also sensitive and sincere.  Your staff, suppliers, stakeholders and customers know that this is an extraordinary time, so the decisions that you have to make as a business owner at this stage shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet for fear that they’ll be deemed as a display of weakness; people understand that difficult decisions are having to be made, out of necessity.  

It’s also more important than ever to remember your business’s values. If your biggest asset is your company’s authenticity, continue to be authentic with your comms; if your biggest asset is your team, make sure they know just how important they are.  

Yes, we went to bed three weeks ago and woke up in a very different world, but it hasn’t stopped turning. Please keep communicating, don’t shut the door on the world and everything you’ve worked hard for.  

If you’d like help and support with your communications, please get in touch, our team are ready and waiting to help. 

Phone: 01543 439 239

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