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Instagram has recently thrown a spanner in the works and could drastically change the popular photo sharing platform as we know it. The newest idea to hide the ‘Like’ button could be introduced to Instagram very soon, which could pose many pros and cons to those who use it.





The idea behind this change is to take the focus away from how many likes you receive on your post, and focus more on the image itself. Over the past few years Instagram has slowly started to lose its initial purpose, with individuals uploading fun and creative images, but later deleting them due to the lack of likes it received. The new potential implementation will mean that users will feel that they can upload any image they desire, without the pressure of gaining as many likes as possible to impress friends and followers.

A further benefit, and the most important in my opinion, is the impact that this new change could have on improving low self-esteem among this generation. When did life become about the amount of likes you gain anyway? The new change will enable users to gain a more relaxed approach to the way they use Instagram. They can upload an image with ease without considering the opinion of others, which will therefore make the experience far more positive for all. The effects of low self-esteem in connection to Instagram likes have been quite staggering, and over something so minor too. Checking up on the amount of likes a post is gaining can become an obsessive and addictive process to monitor, as well as comparing oneself to others who are receiving more attention on their photos.  Again, taking away the sole purpose of Instagram’s initial existence.



Now that we have covered the pros, we now need to discuss the cons of implementing such a change to Instagram. Firstly, for those who use Instagram for monetary purposes, such as influencers and celebrities, this change could have quite a large impact to the way they earn and the engagement they receive on each post. Likes contribute a lot to the way in which posts are placed within the Instagram algorithm, the more likes an influencer gains, the more likely they are to stay at the top of their followers feeds without disappearing into the dreaded depth of the algorithm.

In order to keep influencers happy, Instagram developers will need to rectify the issues faced by algorithms so that influencers can continue to succeed in their roles online and engage with their intended audiences with ease.

A further con could simply be down to the fact that humans can often react negatively to change, even when it’s a good one. Instagram have faced backlash in the past for implementing minor cosmetic changes to the platform, simply for the plain fact that once a user is used to the way something works, they usually want it to stay that way. But it’s the same with everything, once the change has been implemented for a short while, it will become second nature to Instagrammers around the globe.



When analysing the pros and cons of Instagram’s newest idea, the pros seem to outweigh the cons quite heavily. The platform will resume back to the way it should be, and used for its intended purpose at last.

But what do you think? Should Instagram stick with the ‘Like’ button or get rid for good?

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