When Bruce Daisley brought ‘The Joy of Work’ to Yogurt Top

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I’m going to rewind to late December 2017, where I found myself at home on the sofa, scrolling through my Twitter feed, and spotted that Bruce Daisley, one of my connections and the VP of Twitter had posted a tweet asking if any of his network had any available tickets for a comedy night that he wanted to attend that evening. 

Me, being the charismatic, kind soul I am, proceeded to message Bruce to see if he had any joy locating some tickets, and, if not, I was more than happy to do what I could to source a pair through the network of contacts I have built over the last 15+ years in business. 

It was via this random act of kindness that I seemed to have made a very valuable connection!   

Bruce Daisley and Matt Flint at Yogurt Top HQ.
Matt Flint and Bruce Daisley at Yogurt Top HQ.


Bruce and myself got chatting via Twitter’s direct messages, and after browsing his profile I realised that he had a new book coming out, called ‘The Joy Of Work’. It looked like something that in all honesty, is right up my street, and after a few tweets back and forth it was agreed that Bruce would visit our offices in Cannock to hold a keynote and booking signing event as part of his promo tour for the book. In return, we would happily promote the event, and ensure that the books are read and reviewed candidly by the team here at Yogurt Top. 

Fast forward to the 25th January, to the day of the event. We held it at Yogurt Top HQ, and kept it to an ‘invite only’ affair for several of our clients and suppliers. We didn’t want to put on anything too big, and we were keen to make the event intimate and effective for a small audience.  

I picked Bruce up from the train station, and it was apparent from the offset that Bruce was a very nice chap, who knew a lot about the science behind workplace culture. After all, he IS the VP of Twitter who currently employs and works alongside circa 300+ staff!  

The event kicked off at 10am, and attendees started to roll up to the offices. Once everyone had arrived, we held a very informal networking session for a short while, so our clients/suppliers could build relationships between them; after all, people buy from people, and the more connections we make in business, the more likely we are to do business within our circles. In addition, we offered our guests some incredible cupcakes that we had made especially for the event!

After 30 to 40 minutes of networking, we headed upstairs to the meeting room where Bruce Daisley held a 40 minute keynote speech, talking about his new book, and the reasons why he was so passionate to bring ‘The Joy of Work’ back into the UK’s workplace culture. 

Bruce Daisley’s book, ‘The Joy of Work’, brings together a dedicated thought process, backed up by many hours of scientific research, into 30 succinct tips about re-creating a happy and productive workplace, spanning all aspects of 21st-century ‘office life’. Questions the book asks range from “Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they actually make us more productive?” to “Why are meetings so often a waste of time, and how can they be fixed?” and the team here at Yogurt Top were keen to get stuck in and find out how exactly it is that they could change subtle things within our own workplace to make work ‘work’ for them. 

The event was a huge success, and I’m really glad that Bruce took the time to trust in Yogurt Top, and myself. We’ve had some amazing feedback from the people who attended, and look forward to hopefully ensuring that Bruce Daisley’s Joy Of Work will have a lasting effect on the Yogurt Top dream team!

If you’re interested in learning more about workplace culture, you can order your copy of ‘The Joy of Work’ from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2B5Xi5C

Thanks for reading! Speak soon.

Matt F.

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