Jumping into the real world

Written by YogurtTop

Here goes.

I’m the new girl on the block with the southerner accent (so I stick out like a sore thumb), who doesn’t shut up (that could be a good or bad thing). I’m just on my way to finishing my master’s degree and have joined the Yogurt Top family on what I can only explain to be an exciting new adventure! I’m starting a new chapter and I’m being thrown in the deep end to write my first blog. It made sense to talk about my experience on what it’s like to be in education for what feels like my whole life and moving into the real working world!

Jumping into the real world is scary, there’s no denying that! You know the targets to aim for to get into the industry you desire, but it’s easier said than done. But now, now is where reality kicks in and I’m loving it! I mean, University for me is a once in a lifetime experience. You meet new people, gain skills and opportunities you didn’t know were possible, plus so many doors open to you! However, saying that, being able to work somewhere like Yogurt Top is also a once in a lifetime opportunity as they are diverse in comparison to other business/marketing companies I have visited.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge transition from being in university a few days a week to working full time, however when it’s something you have learnt to love, you enjoy it. It’s funny that considering I studied business, I hated marketing every year, until I landed at Yogurt Top. Now, it’s as though I’ve found what I have been looking for. I’ve come to the realisation that it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was the fact that I hadn’t experience the physicality of it. Reading something and doing it are completely different things. Like they say: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. They’re right!

Life can throw things at you when you least expect it, and wow what a whirlwind few months it has been! I’m on my way to completing my masters at University, gained an internship, a new love for marketing and met an amazing bunch of human beings!

Birmingham Film Festival
Birmingham Film Festival. Chloe, me and Matt P!


So, I’m halfway through my internship with Yogurt Top and I feel like I’ve gained an extended family. It’s not your typical 9-5 where everyone sits and doesn’t speak, wears fancy suits…you get the idea! But it’s the atmosphere and the people that make it what it is today. Their determination, creativity, enthusiasm and damn right sense of humour is what makes them unique from any other marketing firm I have been to!

In such a short amount of time, I feel I have learned valuable skills that will not only help me within work but life itself, (that work, balance stuff they bang on about at Uni). I feel ready to finally enter adulthood (never in a million year did I think I’d say that, but I’m still coming to terms with it).

So that’s me, the wacky University graduate who blabbers on and is learning what the real world is all about. I think the key to life is to have the confidence to know that you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it!

Don’t let others knock you down, because at the end of the day, you’re doing this for you!

Jade x

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