GIFs – the evolution of human communication

Written by YogurtTop

So, this week my blog is all about the rise of GIFs! Why? Because I bloody love ’em, that’s why! They appeal to my (ashamedly), low bar, slapstick sense of humour. Just to set the scene a little bit more, growing up I would watch my Some Mother’s do have em VHS, on loop – most pre-teen girls were all about Dawson’s Creek, not me…Frank Spencer was my teen idol! Ooooo Betty! Oh and if anyone reading this doesn’t understand the term VHS or know who Frank Spencer is, pppffft GET OFF MY BLOG! Bloody millennials!

Anyway, I digress, the reason you’re still here – GIFs. Absolute genius aren’t they! They never fail

to brighten my day. Adele and I (our lovely Account Manager here at YT), have developed quite a technique using GIFs – we can have a whole conversation in GIF format.

Yesterday I sent my husband a nice message regarding my birthday (which incidentally is today. Address below, please send cards, flowers, lots of wine, oh and chocolates too! Cheers), and followed it up with this ?

I nearly died laughing! I couldn’t resist. Obviously I completely ruined the intention of my first message but hey! We laughed! Belly laughed! They’re just so god.damn.funny!

So folks, do you love GIFFING as much as me? Or is it just me? Please don’t say it’s just me…please?!

If you want to be part of the club and join in on some harmless fun tweet us with your favourite GIFs @yogurttop and use #YTgifathon.

Address for gifts:
15 Heritage Park
Hayes Way
Heath Hayes
WS11 7LT

1 thought on “GIFs – the evolution of human communication

  1. Adele Flint says:

    I <3 them too. You are not alone!

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