The crazy-dog-lady tales

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If you didn’t know already, I’m that crazy-dog-lady at the office. The one that’s usually gawping over the latest ultra-cute video of that dog on Facebook, or getting (a little too) emotional over the latest shocking news report about animal abuse in the UK and beyond. But something special happened in July – I became a fur-mom again!

Long story short – after setting up my step-dad’s business website and social media handles (PLUG ALERT: if you’re after renovation-work in the Cannock area – hit me up here), he surprised me with a rescue dog that I’d fallen in love with from Romania. crazy-dog-lady

Why Romania, some of you may ask? We have perfectly good dogs here in the UK that also need homes, I hear you criticise.

Did you know that Romania is in the midst of an on-going stray dog crisis? According to an article posted by CityLab, feral dog populations grew out of control after Romania’s bloody revolution of 1989, when the countries debt repayments took precedence over civic management issues, like stray dogs.

So, how are they trying to manage their crisis now? Death.

According to studies, the current Law 258/2013 for the management of stray dogs states the capture and the mass euthanasia of all stray dogs after 14 working days following incarceration. That’s if they survive those 14 days in poor shelter conditions. The overwhelming majority of public shelters for dogs are pestilential spaces lacking the most basic requirements, where dogs are being starved, left to kill one another, to fight with one another, and suffer without any medical care.

WARNING: Graphic content.

Shocking Romanian dog shelter conditions
Photo credit: Romanian Rescue Appeal

Romania’s dog shelters are nothing but death camps, with no consideration given to the fact that dogs are ‘sentient beings’ that feel pain, fear and distress. The conditions in Romania’s shelters, as well as their general treatment of the dogs, are a clear violation of Article 13 TFEU.

Shocking Romanian dog shelter conditions
Photo credit: Romanian Rescue Appeal

I won’t go on, but do you catch my drift?

My family already owns a Romanian rescue dog, so I was more than prepared for her arrival, but not what was to come. Things took a turn for the worst once my dog hit UK soil. She was rushed to the emergency vets whilst in mandatory quarantine with a suspected fracture and infection on her left front leg from bite wounds (I remind you of the brutal injuries they acquire whilst in shelters in Romania).

We were told the worst: we either agree to amputate the leg, or she will die of septic shock.

So, after 1 amputation, 2 close calls with death and countless hours nervously waiting by my phone for the next p-update, my 3-legged fur baby was finally able to come home.

My perfectly-imperfect Hattie ❤️


Cute Romanian Dog

The first few days were hard. My maternal (and crazy-dog-lady) instincts kicked in and any slight whimper of pain, any scratch or any thud, I ran to her. I (barely) functioned for a solid week without sleep for fear of her stitches becoming infected or injured, and, in turn, became slightly delirious with worry.

But we got through it.

It has now been over 2 weeks since her surgery, and she continues to amaze me with her determination to walk, run and jump, whilst her character solidifies my decision to stand by her when she needed me most. She has taught me in just 2 short weeks that there is pain and struggle in life, but with grit, determination and a lotta love, you can conquer anything. In just 2 short weeks, she has pushed me to better myself and enroll a new course that will help me bring more value to my role here at Yogurt Top, and *potentially* set up a business of my own (but I’ll tell you more about that in due course).

Thank you for being with us every step of the way Ann, Tracey and everyone at Amicii Dog Rescue – we promise to give Hattie the best 3-legged life she could ask for. And thank you to my mom, Karl and Evie for my 3am sobbing phone calls about Hattie’s (absolutely fine) stitches.

Love Callie x
(AKA. The crazy-dog-lady)

Creative Director at Yogurt Top


P.S. Feel free to swing by the office and say hello to our newest member of staff, and keep an eye out for my impending new business venture!


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  1. GT says:

    This really got me, I really didn’t think about it like that. I guess everybody hurts ?. We all have responsibility to care or even love ? a little ?

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