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I’m not going to lie to you, but when we were told that we had to do work experience this year I had no idea what I was going to do. I’ve never worked before, and if you told me at the start of this year that I would be working with a group of people that I have never met, I would never have believed you, until I experienced my first week at Yogurt Top Marketing.

Work experience at Yogurt Top Marketing

At first when I began looking for work experience placements I was hesitant about approaching any businesses. The majority of people at my school were able to get placements with family members, which makes it a lot easier. However, this was not an option for me.

After emailing a few different businesses in the local area, I had no luck until I was informed by one of my teachers that a local business called Yogurt Top Marketing were coming in to talk to our class about digital marketing. I was extremely interested in what Rebecca and Callie discussed with us and they seemed really nice. After the class had finished, I approached them to ask for work placement with them the week beginning the 9thJuly. I was relieved, but slightly anxious at the same time, that they had said yes, because like I have already stated, I have never worked before, and to be honest, I felt like I was almost too immature to do so.

Fast forward a few months.


The week before work experience was great, the weather was amazing, football was coming home (not for long) and to top it off, I passed my driving test. This helped with my confidence, as I thought ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. I woke up on the Monday in a positive mood; I packed my bag and strolled slowly down to Yogurt Top Marketing (I set of a little early to ensure I was on time).

I arrived at around 9:25am on my first day and was greeted by Matt and Chloe – their welcoming mannerisms eased my nerves straight away. I made my way upstairs to the office and set my laptop up on my desk for the week.

I was pleasantly surprised with how my first day went, although I didn’t really do much other than some research on PR and how it came about (which I found very intriguing, by the way). I also thoroughly enjoyed experiencing one a meeting and seeing how the team discusses their campaign ideas for potential clients. Finally at 5:30pm it was time to go, and despite not doing a great lot, I was exhausted (I’m used to finishing at anywhere between 1 and 3!).

After enjoying my first day, I was very enthusiastic on the Tuesday. I set off 10 minutes later than I did on my first day because the walk was a lot shorter than I initially anticipated; despite doing so, I still arrived at around 9:25am (I must have walked extremely slowly on Monday!). To start, I sat in the meeting room with Chloe and Matt, they gave me a worksheet for the day which consisted of various different tasks regarding social media. I spent the morning researching different social media trends and analysing Yogurt Top and their client’s social media sites. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, and found it interesting looking at different social media platforms that I have never used before e.g. LinkedIn. Chloe and Matt also showed me some campaign ideas that they had put together for one of their clients which gave me an insight into how a team of creatives think of initial ideas for a campaign.

In the afternoon, I went back into the meeting room with Matt and Chloe, we discussed what I had done in the morning and then moved on to ad management. They showed me how to use Ad Manager on Facebook/Instagram and later in the afternoon I had a play around with it myself. I particularly had fun doing this as I had no idea how to do it beforehand.

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling anxious. Not because of work experience, but because England were playing in the semi-final of the World Cup! To begin the day at work, I sat down with Saskia and she introduced me to something called ‘Google Digital Garage’. I used this site all morning and completed various different topics, this was extremely helpful and helped me to develop my overall understanding of digital marketing. In the afternoon, I then drafted some social media posts for M6toll, which was a lot more difficult than I expected, however it was a good challenge to try and find multiple different events taking place in Birmingham and how they could be linked into a post involving the M6toll road. I then went home early (Matt F said we could which made my day!) and watched the England game, but I’d rather not talk about it because if you don’t already know, England lost 2-1 🙁

I woke up Thursday morning barley with a voice and absolutely shattered (I didn’t get home until 11pm!). Surprisingly, I managed to still get here on time and started my day off by continuing to finish some more topics on Google Digital Garage. I then got set the task of writing this blog, which is what I have spent the rest of the day doing. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well as the rest of the week has but I suppose I’ll have to let you know!

It’s now Friday which is my last day here at YogurtTop. I spent the morning in a meeting with the team and we discussed campaign ideas for a potential new client. Similarly to everything else I have done this week it was a great experience.

In summary of my week here at Yogurt Top, I would say that overall it has been a success. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would like to say thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and approachable. After my experience here at Yogurt Top, it’s safe to say I feel a lot more confident in getting a job in the future, and I will definitely consider digital marketing as an option.

Thanks for reading I hope it wasn’t too boring 🙂



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