On the blog; IBS, serial entrepreneurship, and the sh*t cycle

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For those that know me, hello! For those who don’t, I’m Matt Flint; serial entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of IMF Marketing Group Ltd, parent company to Yogurt Top Marketing, Media and Events, PReachPR, Abstract Aerial Art, The Reclamation Shop, The Black Card Club and Equation Card.

We recently implemented a new format of blogging at Yogurt Top Marketing – each and every team member will contribute to the weekly blog as if they were an entrepreneur. This week it’s my turn, no pressure, but I need to make sure it’s a hit or I will have to have a word with myself.

Here goes…..

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I am a renowned serial entrepreneur, known for my good looks and geeky façade (I can hear you sniggering). This, unfortunately, means that I am under pressure day in day out to keep a positive attitude for my team, and more importantly, help them all to succeed. The responsibility is extremely daunting but also very, very rewarding!

I have been in control of my own destiny since I left higher education, most of the things I have done have been successful, but I have also experienced failure. The only thing that counts is that I have tried to have fun along the way.

As adulting goes, that isn’t always easy (is anything? Seriously, adulting is seriously over-rated). In the past 12 months, the group has been going from strength to strength, but I have had a number of issues with my mental health including anxiety and stress. This is down to something that most of you will have heard of; IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

The unfortunate symptoms of this are the three ‘P’s: pain, poo and pressure.

The pain has been tough, the poo (quite the opposite of ‘tough’) and the pressure to live a normal life has been hard. Although I haven’t had one of those ‘oops’ moments, I have been very close. Therefore, the fear has created a higher level of anxiety and stress which you have guessed it, makes the symptoms worse! A vicious sh*it cycle that has, at times, left me fatigued and lose focus of the great things going on in and around my life.

Why tell you about this you may ask?

Well, looking from the outside in, it looks like things in my life are great and trust me when I say they are, they are. However, we have all heard the saying ‘we don’t know what is going on behind closed doors’ and, although my situation isn’t terrible, it has at times made me feel very depressed, lethargic and adopt a ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude that I’ve never really had before.

The great news is I am dealing with it, and after joining an online community called The IBS Network, reading about other experiences, stories and advice I have felt much better, in fact in the past two weeks, the anxiety has reduced a lot which has, in turn, made my symptoms better – Hooray!

Finding a group of people that have the same pressures, levels of stress and anxiety has helped massively.

It really does help to talk.

So the next time you feel like that you are dealing with something on your own, and it is making you feel like I have felt previously, then I recommend joining a community online, talking to a professional or just a friend or family member. It really does make a difference!

Whatever walk of life or path you are on, make sure you don’t do it alone. Life is truly great and let’s face it, the problems we experience are often exaggerated by our brains. This makes us feel worse and in most cases putting a plan/strategy together with someone is like a huge weight is lifting off your shoulders.

Being a business owner and entrepreneur is an unbelievable life experience, and I don’t have any regrets.

I hope this has given you a better insight into who I am and hasn’t just made you need a poo!


Speak soon, turds.


Matt F.


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