The 4 reasons why big brands are choosing to use small creative agencies

Written by YogurtTop

There are so many options for businesses in terms of their need for marketing services – from the one-person pop-up shop, to large brands, killing it within their sector. But why is it that brands of all sizes are beginning to look to smaller creative agencies when it comes to creative advertising campaigns?

Smaller creative agencies, like us here at Yogurt Top Marketing, offer clients and brands flexibility and responsiveness to help them keep up the pace within the ever-evolving world of marketing, because “to stand still is to stagnate”.

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(From left to right) Callie, Sas and Chloe at M6toll’s HerGV launch event at Roadchef services


In this blog post, we’ll be looking at why WE think it is that brands and businesses of all sizes are choosing to use smaller creative agencies as we move towards 2019.

Let’s get personal

Handshakes and first names are important to us here at our bustling little marketing agency in the Midlands. The people you meet on your initial visit at our offices – that’s your team (we’re not kidding, come along and check out our office sometime). It’s an awful place to play hide and seek – the red carpet always seems to give us away.

Who you see is who you get, and we love it that way. Most of the Yogurt Top team work together on all of the brands and businesses on our books, so we become intimately familiar almost immediately with each and every business and their team. In fact, we consider ourselves to be an extension of a businesses team.

By the end of your first visit with us, you’ll know us all on first-name-terms. That way, if you call us, or want to pop in again, you’ll know exactly who it is you want to speak with. Isn’t that easy!


People work together

Large agencies are driven by hierarchy, with a strong pecking order of directors, associate directors, and executives – all of whom are all clawing for more power or recognition.

It’s not like that here. We’re not about the ego-trip.

Our team are not ‘suited and booted’. We find it easier to be simply fun and friendly, with a whole host of creative ideas. It may seem non-conformist, but there’s reasoning behind it.

Smaller creative agencies work more effectively together, sharing skills and ideas from all levels and backgrounds. That means that our staff will cross disciplines over their desks, and think laterally – coming up with more creative, ground-breaking work that will get brands the results that they need. Sticking us in a uniform would be the first step to squashing the delicate art that is creative thinking – and to be honest, it also means that we all have a lot less ironing to do.




Big agencies build structures and reporting models that look impressive, but the root of the company is process and routine – divert from this, and all hell breaks loose. The root of Yogurt Top Marketing has always been, and will always be, our client’s wants and needs.

Flexibility is important.

In smaller creative agencies like Yogurt Top Marketing, big decisions are made by a few individuals, who are used to consulting one another daily.

From who makes the best brew, down to what budgets we need to put into advertising for a client. We speak about it openly. The outcome will be a collective decision based on facts, opinions, and the best possible outcomes (FYI – it’s a toss-up between Matt P and Adele, neither of which like making the tea).

This intimacy when it comes to decision making, and flexible thinking, makes it possible for us to respond very quickly to a client’s requests, or a change in industry direction. In other words, your campaign can be up and running whilst the giant is still loading up his slingshot. Our focus is on YOU, and getting you the best marketing exposure possible.



 There’s a common belief that the more you spend on a marketing campaign, the bigger the outcome. You sir, are very wrong.

It may sound like common sense, but think about it – large agencies have higher overhead and agency fees. Their gargantuan, swanky, big city offices are filled with employees, support staff, high utility costs. These things are all hallmarks of a large agency, but they don’t come cheap. Those costs, whether you see it on your bill or not, gets added to your invoice, which means less money spent on your actual campaign. In other words, your hard-earned cash doesn’t stretch very far with a large firm. 

At Yogurt Top Marketing, we have wined and dined the suppliers you need, to get the prices that no other agency gets. From sophisticated video production teams for your next TV advertisement, to 1000 fancy balloons for your upcoming event. We know the right people to get you more bang for your buck, no questions asked.


Large firms may brag about their big name clients, but this leads them to neglect their smaller accounts. This is hardly the case with smaller creative agencies, as each and every client counts. If you want the best results, work with an agency that are as invested in your results as you are.

Global yogurt brand Müller chose Yogurt Top Marketing as their dedicated digital marketing agency back in 2016. Other big brands are now following suit. Are you on the lookout for your next marketing agency? Give us a call, or pop by – our door is always open, and the kettle is always ready to go (although we can’t guarantee who’ll be the ‘tea maid’ when you come in – we suggest ringing ahead and asking Matt P to make it).

See you soon!

Callie – Creative director at Yogurt Top

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